About Us

Our goal is to Secure sensitive card data, Helping Merchants to Comply with PCI DSS requirements to Protect both the merchant and their customers, globally

Gala Technology was founded in 2015, somewhat borne of frustration from it sister company Gala Tent.

In 2012, Gala Tent, the leading manufacturer and retailer of commercial quality marquees, were suffering with alarmingly amounts of fraud related chargebacks. With no way of verifying the identity of the caller, the business was exposed by criminals using stolen card data to make fraudulent payments over the telephone.
This resulted in the business losing both expensive product and incurring costly chargebacks from their acquiring partner to almost untenable levels.

After searching for a potential solution, it became clear that one did not exist, so the charismatic managing director, Jason Mace instructed his CTO Steve Biggs to develop a way to protect the business from 'card not present' telephone related payment fraud.
Shortly afterwards Biggs presented Secure Order Transfer (SOTpay) which enabled the business to verify the identity of the customers over the telephone, thus securing the channel and eliminating the risk of fraud related chargebacks.

The innovative technology, was then shortlisted and ultimately won the 'Security Innovation Of The Year' at the national UK IT awards.
This prompted Mace and his long term business partner, Mark Thompson to invest heavily to develop SOTpay from an internal solution, to a commercial cloud based application that could secure sensitive card data and protect merchants and customers across the globe.
As SOTpay, removes all card data from the merchants environment it also supported businesses to comply with complex PCI DSS requirements.

Gala Technology is now committed to ensuring that merchants of all sizes, have an affordable option to help combat the ever growing threat of fraud and cyber security data breaches.