About Us

Our goal is to Secure sensitive card data, Helping Merchants to Comply with PCI DSS requirements to Protect both the merchant and their customers, globally

Founded in 2015, Gala Technology are the development team behind the multi-award winning 'Card Not Present' payment solution, SOTpay.

Our cloud platform is globally accessible and enables merchants and organisations of all shapes and sizes to take secure, authenticated and PCI DSS compliant payments without across numerous channels, such as telephony, email, SMS, web-chat and social media platforms.

SOTpay eliminates the risk of fraud related charge-backs for businesses, by processing secure and PCI compliant MOTO (mail order/telephone order) and omni-channel CNP (card not present) transactions. Without SOTpay, businesses are liable to the banks if they accept a fraudulent transaction, potentially losing valuable product, as well as receiving costly charge-backs.

SOTpay allows businesses to securely take omni-channel CNP payments and is both acquirer and PSP agnostic. It enables the consumer to securely input their details without disclosing sensitive card information to the telephone agent, thus providing a PCI DSS compliant solution which results in a higher transaction acceptance rate, with potentially better processing rates from the acquirer by ‘securing’ high risk non-secure transactions. It even provides a solution for businesses to be able to deliver to third party delivery addresses, without the risk of fraud related chargebacks.

Don't take our word for it....

"Gala Technology’s SOTpay product is the first solution I have seen that makes achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance, much easier for merchants and also more cost effective in maintaining compliance.

My experience so far with SOTpay is a significant reduction in the time, effort and cost of achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.”

Connie Penn
Card Payments and PCI DSS Subject Matter Expert
Kilrush Consultancy Ltd